points of light in a dark window pane, glittering colours shining through windows or doors, views so crystal clear as to appear like light fabric veils, hardly to be distinguished from the reality picture (while it is almost impossible to distinguish between the real and the imaginary!).

whatís that with it?

can mere reflexions be material for pictures in their own right? and why should they be in the first place? isnít there enough of the real stuff around to built pictures in all sorts of extreme colours, weird atmosphere and extraordinary settings? what do we need new pictures for anyway?

no adequate answer.

we have many, very many pictures already. Some even say, too many. pictures of a long period of time. and we still produce more now and every day. they are the product of our time. they describe our view at our todayís environment and life, the way we work, meet and love or hate. they do more than that. they are the expression of our feelings against each other, and on top: they show our feeling for the way and meaning of life, at least the attempt to find some.

the simple reason all over.

no more to come.

all pictures, paintings, and sculptures of earlier times have done the same. they need to be seen as children of their era, breathing attitudes and habits of their time. often the wishful thinking of the principal clearly and openly has determined composition, structure and detailed appearance of an image. the genius of the artist showing up in the capturing of the light only or in the capacity to characterise a face to a deeper level than a principal might have wished. such a piece may have prevailed only because he could possibly have not been able to see.

reflexions of time, history, self consciousness, passion or hatred. reflexions of victory and defeat, commence-ment and completion, solitude and fulfilment. reflexions are not bound to polished steel, to glass or to the surface of a river or a lake. they are bound to the existence of light only. where is light is reflection, where reflection is, we face a window into a deeper view, another meaning.

tough idea.

the first mirror was the water. Itís still there. We could still make use of it, although we have been trained to look at it for the effect, for the surface only. that went together with the departure from expressing and allowing feelings. until we have arrived at a point where we believe rather in the kitsch of a shell or a surface than giving way to an image for a impression on our senses and our soul.

letís allow images to get through to our senses, letís freely and happily enjoy the pictures we are confronted with! not indiscriminately and not by order of so called experts, who mostly are know-betters holding an academic title but without the faintest idea what feeling and sensing is.

learn to trust yourself. that naturally requires to learn to see, and feel, and compare. taste is not inherited at all, itís not reserved to the happy few, and itís worthless without a certain amount of experience.

see you soon, seeing!



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photography for life


what I always wanted to do was what I saw: take pictures of and in a world of pictures. find out about things, people, events, landscapes, and most of all, images. Describe the world and my vision in pictures of a special kind: my way. It took some time and many ways, many people met to find out how to do it.

Nowadays my emphasis is on imagery, i.e. show the pictures behind the pictures, show perspectives in reflections, discover and describe the signs around us as pieces of art in their own right.

make people see and trust their own feeling and taste. Pull hte public away from the experts who try to specify, without any right or commission, what is art and what is not. the imperative is: art is feeling and personal: learn to see and trust yourself!


born 1943 in vienna

from 1957 autodidactic education: landscape/portrait/own b/w lab

1965-83 aviation periode: commercial commissions/ intensive

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